Throughout the years, Kansan has evolved from a small workshop to a worldwide wet wipe machinery leader, with perseverance, commitment and client centered approach.

Kansan is established as a small workshop of 200sqm with four employees and develops various dry converting machines for local market.Kansan registers as a limited liability company, debut of export operations with Romania. The first wet wipe converting machine is built in 1998. Kansan gains strength in local market.Kansan moves to a larger facility with 3000 sqm covered area, number of employees: 35. Kansan captures 90% of domestic market and Kansan’s machines start to be operated more than 40 countries. Dynamic Plus (DP) is established as flow pack machinery manufacturer within the body of Kansan, to deliver 25 flow pack machine projects in the following two years.Kansan had delivered more than 600 projects by far. Turnover raises average by 35+% every year in this period. Number of employees reaches 55.Kansan moves to a new plant located on 10.000 sqm of land, 8.000 sqm of which is covered. Number of employees rises to 115. Revenue wise, Kansan is now three times bigger compared to 2009 and moving forward. Kansan’s machines are converting profits for its clients in more than 40 countries, spread into 5 continents worldwide.