Since our establishment in 1992, we have always allocated a significant amount of resources, man power and funds to research and development. The open minded and passion driven dynamic R&D department helps Kansan stay ahead of the latest technological trends and developments. A designated R&D team ensures the performance, quality and durability of the machines pertaining to that specific platform. Each team keeps evaluating the different aspects of the specific equipment in order to meet and exceed today’s and tomorrow’s expectations.

Having plentiful technical resources, R&D department is capable to accomplish our clients’ specific requirements. We carry out precise tests by using high-tech and complex equipment in a specially designed R&D laboratory. Working closely with our Sales Team, our R&D department is capable of designing the ultimate tailor made machine to meet the client’s specific requirements. Thanks to our years of expertise, we help our clients reach their technical and commercial targets. Maintaining our innovative and unique approach, we aim to develop tomorrow’s technology.

Having a position of industry leader, we participate in major industry exhibitions and events. Continuing to be active members of EDANA and INDA, we share our knowledge while we closely watch the international nonwoven industry. Kansan also regularly appears in leading industry publications such as Nonwovens Industry Magazine with its innovative solutions.