The time has come for the most well-known nonwoven trade show in US. Organized by INDA, IDEA ’19 will be held in the spectacularly renovated Miami Beach Convention Center. It will be a hotspot for game changing insight, exhibitors around the world displaying and promoting industry’s latest developments and network expanding.


During IDEA ’19 you will be able to visit Kansan’s enormous booth #730 to check out all the new generation wet wipe machineries. There will be a full flatpack line with a packaging machine and a lid applicator machine that we are sure will be seen as a breakthrough in wet wipe world. This upgraded Kansan converting machine has the capacity of 180 ppm output and designed to operate biodegradable and flushable materials with no sacrifice and capacity, speed or operational comfort! The packaging machine is re-designed to perform 150 ppm. And scara type lid applicator robot system is considered to be the best performing machine in the market. Not only a full flatpack line but also a crossfold machine will be displayed in Kansan booth. This crossfold machine is engineered to be compact, fast, easy to operate and maintain. It adopts latest technologic components to perform with a wide variety of raw materials and it is definitely worth seeing!


During IDEA ’19, there will be many machine shows in Kansan’s booth with dispersable materials. If you’d like to see those machines running and get more information, please contact to get an appointment with a Kansan representative.