ACURAPACK series provide flexible and productive horizontal flow packaging solutions. In addition to be a part of complete wet wipe production line, ACURAPACK is an ideal packaging machine for many other industries.

Dynamic Plus

dynamicDynamic Plus was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of Kansan, for production of fully automatic packaging and lid applicator machinery. Dynamic Plus machines complete the wet wipe production line along with the Kansan’s converting machines..

General Features

Antibacterial conveyor belts
Product touching surfaces 304L CrNi
Interlock switches on the doors
Visual & audible warnings and alarm systems for operating errors quickstack2
Separate electrical panel, pneumatic box and power distribution box
50 different product recipes memory in HMI
Lights in operational sections
Servo controlled smart belt product in-feed unit
Servo controlled D-Cam sealing jaws.
Servo controlled horizontal sealing on top
2 pre-heating discs before final horizontal sealing
Rejection system of residual packaging foil after horizontal sealing
Servo controlled sensitive punch mechanism
“Clear Machine” function
All I/O parameters in PLC can be observed through HMI
All pneumatic rolls with on/off switches
Tandem operated two labelling units for continuous labelling (Zero waste in label head change)
Semi-automatic reel change (full automatic reel change optional)
True product counter (on full-pack based)
Jaw unit height adjustment by AC motor
Operator authorization through HMI

Technical Features

Capacity 120-130 Packs/min
Lines 1
Rolls 2
Air Pressure 6-8 Bar
Power 380 VAC -50 Hz (3-Phase) 20 Kw 25kVA 38A