Kansan’s Jumbo wet wipe converting machines offer cutting edge solutions with a striking ergonomic design. Besides its high speed, Jumbo platform provides easy operation and maintenance for the users. Although it is a mother roll operating system, unique design of this machine allows speed, ease in handling and comfort in total format change-overs.

This machine is capable of producing wet wipes in wide range of dimensions in terms of both width and length; it is possible to manufacture great variety of wet wipes such as baby wipes, personal hygiene wipes, adult wipes, pet wipes, car cleaning wipes, cleaning & household wipes, heavy duty wipes, industrial wipes, wet tissue and flushable wet toilet papers, etc.

Guided web flow from mother roll to single lines and zero speed splice system facilitate the non-stop production with remarkable efficiency figures. On top of all, the waste amount is extremely low and negligible. All compartments of the machine are easily accessible and do not necessitate any extra equipment for reaching out. Owing to its special design, the operator of the machine has a wide visibility at eye level for all the operational sections. Mother rolls can be loaded without a forklift and threading of the machine is exceptionally hassle-free and comfortable.


• Fully automatic operation, non-stop performance with high efficiency
• Minimum manpower and product waste
• Advanced level of safety and hygiene
• Easy and quick change-over between different formats
• Vast variety of folding and product dimension options
• Upgradeable design to meet future needs
• User friendly operation

General Features


All mechanical parts, pneumatic and electronic components are in
compliance with FDA specifications
All conveyor belts are anti-bacterial and suitable for hygienic product transfer
Full Machine Body stainless 304L Cr-Ni
All product touching surfaces stainless 316L Cr-Ni.
Standard color RAL 9010
Lights in all operational sections
Mobile start-stop button
Safety Switches on the doors
Visual & Audible warning systems
Operator authorizationthrough HMI
Non stop bobbin splice

Technical Features

Jumbo Roll Station 4
Number of Lanes 24
Functioning Mode Automatic, full servo driven
System Electronic-pneumatic
Power 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 PH, 60 kW
Control System Electronic
Overall Efficiency Over 85%
Splice Rejects/Waste
(Roll Changing Waste)
3 clips detection and rejection system
Mechanical Speed 800 cuts/minute
Advisable Speed 725 cuts/minute
Machine Capacity (Packs) 150 per minute
Machine Capacity (Wipes) 19200 per minute
Advisable Capacity (Wipes) 17400 per minute
Lotion Add on Rate Min. 6 L/dk  Max. 105 L/dk
Impregnation Sensitivity Less than 1,5%
Width of Product min 60 mm – maks. 120 mm
Length of Product min 100 mm – maks. 220 mm
(Opsiyonel 300 mm maks.)
Basis Weight min 30 gsm – maks. 100 gsm
Roll Width 1200 mm ‘ye kadar
Maximum Roll Diameter 1200 mm
Maximum Roll Weight 175 kg
Core Diameter 76 mm
Splice Fully automatic zero speed splice system
Machine Direction Right or left upon request