LIDMASTER 80 plastic lid applicator is an independent high platform unit which can be placed at the end of the flow packing process to apply plastic lids on top of the flow packed packages such as wet wipes.

Dynamic Plus

Dynamic Plus was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of Kansan, for production of fully automatic packaging and lid applicator machinery. Dynamic Plus machines complete the wet wipe production line along with the Kansan’s converting machines.

General Features

dynamicAnti-bacterial conveyor belts
Interlock switches on doors
Visual & audible warning systems
Warning alarm for operational errors
Lights in operational sections
Separate pneumatic and electric box
Servo controlled lid drive conveyor
Full servo driven single belt moving 4-axis movement robot system
Hot melt glue application system
Labeling unit
5-magazine rotating lid cartridge system


lidmasterInput / Output Conveyor
Vision System
Lid Magazine
Lid Drive Conveyor
Labeling Unit
Hotmelt Unit
4-Axis movement Robot


60-70 lids/min*
* May change according to shape and size of lids.
* Accuracy: ± 2,5 mm